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How to easily change Email password?

In this digital world, email plays a vital role in everyone’s life as it is the basic need for all of us, by using emails we can share thoughts with friends, family, and relatives. Nowadays, email is becoming the most secure way of sending pictures, recordings, files and other different reports to anyone around the world. However, changing the email password is very essential for the protection of your email account from hackers, cyber attacks, and identity thefts.

        How to Easily Change Email Password?

Nevertheless, while changing the password, you should have to choose a new and strong password which is not used by any other account. Actually, the password you used will be secured, strong and contains a minimum of 8 characters which includes letters, numbers, and symbols. Always try to create your email password for security reasons and more difficult for other people to guess. Therefore, remember that you should not use any personal information in your password which is shared by you with someone as like as, birth date, phone number, etc.

Underneath we provide a few simple steps for easily changing your email account password without any hurdle. The steps are discussed below.

Steps to Easily Change Email Password

Before starting the process, make sure you have performed a full system scan as some malicious program or online threats might hack your password and get you in trouble. Always follow the procedure in the correct sequence as mentioned below to avert damages and hurdle. Here how to do it:

Change Password in the Control Panel

Are you forgotten your webmail password? Don’t worry; you can easily change it from Control Panel in the Mail Administration window. Below you can be able to manage all email accounts on your domain. For this follow the steps:
1. Log in to the Control panel by typing the credentials.
2. After that, click on the Mail Administration.
3. Now, search for the email address or account you wish to change the password in the Accounts section.
4. Next, hit the ‘Edit’ tab located at the right corner of the ‘Properties’ option.
5. Then, click to create your new password.
6. Again type your new password to confirm it.
7. Lastly, click on the ‘Save’ tab to save all your changes.

Note: Wait for at least 5 minutes before login with the new password.

Change Password in Webmail

Did you remember your webmail password? Now, you can change your email password inside Webmail. And for this, you don’t even need to access with the control panel. The process is quite easy and simple. Here how to do it:
1. Firstly, type your Webmail credentials to log in to your email accounts.
2. Then, press the ‘Settings’ located at the top of the screen.
3. After that, hit the ‘Account Administration’ from the menu list appears on the left side of the screen.
4. Next, you need to create a new password.
5. Again, type the password and click on ‘Ok’ tab to confirm it.
6. Lastly, press the ‘Save’ tab located in the top of the screen to save all your changes.

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