Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Steps to recover your Gmail Password

Forgetting any password either it is screen lock, Facebook accounts, Gmail accounts or of any other services, it will be a considerable inconvenience. Especially when your Gmail account is the center of many of your online services and activities.

If you cannot remember your Gmail account password and lost your access to your Gmail account, then it is possible to recover it. Recovering your password is not so hard it is quite easy and uncomplicated. Here are easy steps which helps you to get access to your account back.

Things you’ll need during your Gmail password recovery:
Google will ask you for,

• Your previous password.

• Verification code.

• Your account linked phone number.

• A Gmail account recovery Email.

• Answer of the security question for account recovery.

• Date you created your Gmail account.

How to recover your Gmail password by using your PC

1. Use URL mail.google.com in the internet browser to open Gmail website.

2. Type your ‘Email or Phone number’ into its field.

3. And click on ‘NEXT’ button.

4. Click on ‘Forgot password?’ the blue text just below Enter your password field on the next window.

5. Type your ‘Last password’ you remember in the field below ‘Enter the last password you remember’.

If you don’t remember any of your accounts last passwords, then click on ‘Try a different question’ text below big blue Next button. Keep Clicking on ‘Try a different question’ until you do not get a question that you can answer.

6. Enter ‘Answer’ into the field below question.

7. Then click on the big blue ‘Next’ button.

8. Follow on-screen instructions and choose a method to receive an authentication code.

9. Check ‘Email address or text message’ of the entered detail. You’ll get a verification code from Gmail on that.

10. Now, enter the ‘Verification code’ into “Enter a verification code’ field.

11. And then click on ‘Next’ button.

12. Enter a new and strong password into the ‘Create password’ field on the next window.

13. Again enter your new password into the ‘Confirm password’ field.

14. Click on ‘Change password’ button.

15. Click on ‘Continue’ on the next opened window to finish.

Your Gmail accounts password has been recover successfully, and now you can sign in on your Gmail account with your newly created password.

If you can’t enter your previous password or for any reason can’t receive Verification code at your linked phone number, email or recovery email then Gmail will ask you the reason why you can’t access your account, click on that link, enter your reason and ‘Submit’. Google will retrieve it to you within 3-5 business days.

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