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How to enable safari hidden features with Debug menu?

Get safari's hidden menu

Everyone knows about Safari’s hidden Debug menu that has plenty of useful stuff in it. At the release of Safari 4 in summer of 2008, a lot of the helpful options in the debug menu were shifted to the new Develop menu. However, the Debug menu never vanished.

Apple offers the hidden menu to its users by making them go through a simple process at Safari’s preferences. It is worth noting that for enabling the Safari to debug window needs the use of Terminal. Terminal is very useful. In this blog, the Terminal has been used for changing Safari’s preference list for enabling the Debug menu.

The method of enabling Safari’s debug menu

  1. Firstly, go to Terminal. You can get it at /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.
  2. Then, put the given below command line into the Terminal. Luckily, users may also have a choice to do copy/paste into the Terminal.
  3. defaults write com.apple.Safari

IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1

Note: Enter the above order in one single line in Terminal.
  • Then, hit enter or go back.
  • After that, reset Safari.
  • Lastly, look that the new Debug menu shall be presented before you.

The method of disabling Safari’s Debug Menu
Fortunately, if you ever feel like disabling the Debug menu, it can also be done quickly by using the Terminal.
  1. Firstly, go to Terminal. You can get it at /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.
  2. Put the given below order into the Terminal. It can be typed or can also copy/paste the content into Terminal.
  3. defaults write com.apple.Safari

IncludeInternalDebugMenu 0

Note: Put the above order in one single line in Terminal.
  • Hit enter or go back.
  • Then, reset Safari.
  • Lastly, check the Debug menu shall not be present anymore.

Few of the Safari Debug Menu Items

After you get control of the Debug menu, you can check different menu options.

Note that not each of the menu options can be used. It is so because some of them are made to be used in a developmental environment. After all, their users get authority over the web server. Few of the helpful items are as follows:
  • Force Repaint.
  • The different flag options.
  • Synchronizing iCloud History.
  • Display the Frame Rate Meter.
  • And, according to the model of Safari that has been used by you, select the option to reset and recompute leading sites.

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